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Concierge Medicine

For those interested in full time Primary Care Medical Services, we now offer a yearly renewable highly accessible service.

Services Covered By the Annual Fee:
  • Annual comprehensive preventative health/wellness assessment and exam, including standard lab tests
  • Up to 10 routine or sick visits per year including routine office testing and procedures with guaranteed same day appointments
  • Up to 10 blood draws in the office per year
  • Annual flu shot
  • Telephone physician advice including review of labs and tests
  • House calls under medically appropriate circumstances
  • Coordination of your care with specialists
  • Direct access to the on-call practitioner by cell phone
  • No answering service
  • Completion of medical history and medical necessity forms
  • Travel medicine advice and administration of necessary vaccines (cost of vaccines charged separately)
  • Extended patient appointment hours

Annual Fee
  • $2500 per year, payable at the beginning of the contract year by personal check.
  • Full listing of provided services are available in the office.

left aligned image The changing face of modern medicine in Maryland

Medical trends in Maryland show two models for modern medicine emerging: concierge medicine and the use of enhanced communication technology. Does either provide the formula for a better standard of care for Marylanders?

For decades, Michael and Regina Mulligan of Annapolis followed the typical routine: get sick, call the family doctor, wait hours or even days to be seen based on appointment availability.

But a few years ago when Michael Mulligan developed belly pain, waiting wasn't an option.

He called his doctor to ask about his symptoms. Then he called again.

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