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Customer Reviews

BEST SERVICE EVER. my family has had the occasion to use your services a number of times -- an emergency shovel to the eye by an older brother, a tic in the 9 yr old's scalp on a Sunday morning, a really bad ear sinus infection after work... we've also called on a number of times not really knowing for sure what the best plan was and received sound medical advice over the phone. love the personal touch, the immediate care, the absence of excess paperwork (everything's entered electronically right then and there by the office manager). this is a bureaucratic-free enterprise, I love it. and although they didn't accept our insurance, they submitted the claim for me. LOVE THE TOP-NOTCH SERVICE.

Sharon D.

Wow! I was able to see a doctor immediately! Everyone in the office was helpful and kind. The doctor even followed up with me several days later to check on my condition, as well as taking phone calls from me to discuss my meds. I am VERY impressed and could not have been happier with having my needs met.

Torie R.

Gotta love a doctor you can call and be seen immediately. Why wait for 2 weeks to see if you have a sinus infection or something more serious? We also love that we can call and TALK to our doctor, right away, 24/7, even if it's just for advice. The fact that Dr. Goodman is board certified in family medicine and he and Jeff Fine, PA-C, both have emergency medicine expertise, is another great benefit. Overall, a personal, efficient, cost effective alternative to the bureaucracy of large, traditional medical practices.


Available 7 days a week from 9 am – 5 pm. By Appointment Only.