Who We Are

Lee Goodman, MD

Lee Goodman MD
Lee Goodman, MD
  • Graduated from Tulane University, B.S. in biology, with honors
  • Graduated from Temple University Medical School, AOA Honors in 1985
  • Completed a Family Practice residency at
    the University of Virginia
  • Board Certified in Family Practice

Dr Goodman has spent the last 20 years practicing emergency medicine. He lives in the Annapolis area with his wife and three children.

Jeffrey Fine, PA-C

Jeffrey Fine, PA-C
Jeffrey Fine, PA-C
  • Graduated from West Chester University,
    B.S. in Public Health
  • Graduated with another B.S. from
    Hahnemann University, as a Physician
  • Completed an Emergency Medicine residency
    at Los Angeles County, University of
    Southern California

For the last 30 years, Mr. Fine has worked in Emergency Medicine. He lives with his wife in Annapolis. His interests include fishing, bicycling, and international travel.

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